The "Palma" diving services offer a variety of diving courses, guided dives, introductory dives and fun diving. Scuba diving instructor Rafi Fersht, who has been in the field for over 12 years and instractor over 5 years, accumulated lots of knowledge and experience, traveled the world for 10 years and worked in what he likes most Then comes the desire to succeed and provide a response to all lovers of the sea, to those who do what they really love, because you do something you like, it is made from a place of great pleasure and fun worth a whole world. Invites you to view the site and be impressed by pictures and videos Different around the world, people who have experienced an amazing underwater experience, I have fulfilled my dream and I will be happy to fulfill yours dream.


We are a group of professionals, enthusiasts, which has a long time experience in the diving and has experience in dive training of 4000 dives and hundred of students.

our motto

There is nothing can stop the desire to dive

Diver training is conducted on the new equipment from leading manufacturers for scuba diving and spearfishing. New wetsuits, reliable and proven equipment ensures security.

Our main principle is an individual approach and attention to our guests. High quality and safety of services is achieved because the сlub employs qualified specialists.