About us

About us

Palma Dive Club is a high-class villa boutique diving club in a warm and very unique family atmosphere. Also, the club makes sure to maintain very high standards and therefore, uses new diving equipment and most importantly safety. We take care of the safety of every diver from a beginner diver to a high-class professional diver. Palma diving club employs professional workers who have been trained to dive in the highest and best ranks in the country.

As an integral part of adhering to high standards, the club takes care of every diver for professional service and personal treatment. Palma Dive Club is recognized by the largest diving authority in the world, PADI.

The owner of the club is an active and professional instructor with more than 20 years of experience specializing in sports diving and training in senior courses such as free diving and other diving activities…

We continue the tradition and offer courses at all levels from beginner courses to senior diving instructors. In addition, the club holds daily guided dives at the most attractive dive sites in Eilat.

In certain seasons you will find diving trips like diving safaris in Sinai that suits every pocket in small and large private groups. The club provides additional services such as, rental of diving equipment, air compression of excellent quality and sale of full diving equipment.

You can rent spacious rooms for divers and also for those who do not dive. The club has hot showers and clean lockers for storing belongings, a kitchen equipped with a coffee / tea fridge. Cheap seating areas with a BBQ for customer service, a swimming pool and all this is here at the Palma Diving Club Eilat.

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