Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver


Rescue and emergency course is designed for the diver, who wants to acquire the skills that are considered the most important in diving sport. A rescue diver is a diver who can assist others and is capable of handling and preventing emergency situations in diving and in general

PADI Rescue Course is a fun and important course designed to challenge the student and prepare him to cope with a variety of emergency situations. Most divers find this course challenging and satisfying

Course included:

What will we learn?

  • Self-rescue
  • Identifying and dealing with pressure with other divers
  • Management of emergency situations and auxiliary equipment
  • Rescue a diver in a panic
  • Rescue of an unconscious diver

For whom the course is suitable: age 12

  • Advanced open water dives (second star or parallel rank)
  • Accreditation as a first aid provider / CPR from the last two years (if the trainee does not have a certificate from the last two years, the student will be required to take a first aid course as part of this course)
  • If you have a medical problem, a doctor’s approval is required in writing (over the age of 45, a doctor’s certificate is required regardless of the health condition)

Course structure:

  • Knowledge development 1-5
  • 10 rescue exercises in protected and open water
  • 2 rescue scenarios.
  • First aid course (if required)
  • Rescue test

Additional information:

Course duration: two days