diving for beginners

Introductory Dive

Those who do not know the underwater world, who wants to hear the quiet, to see the colors and feel the lack of weight. A diving in the Red Sea with the guides of Palma gives you a safe and relaxed first experience in the most beautiful sites of Eilat. Diving is a safe and relaxed dive that gives the new diver the opportunity to get to know the world of diving in the best conditions. After brief briefing you will enter the water accompanied by a guide who will be there With you all along the way and at your own pace, the dive will be a maximum depth of 6 meters for 40 minutes, let's get to know the underwater world we and the fish are already there, waiting for you ..

Discover the scuba Diving

 Discover the scuba Diving course gives you your first independent dive experience where you learn about diving equipment, diving theory and signs. After we have assembled the equipment we do a dive in which we perform some exercises in shallow water and then continue to dive the maximum depth of 12 meters at the end of the dive get a certificate that allows you to dive to a depth of 12 meters if a guide or get a discount for registration for the course Open Water Diver (Star 1) Per year from the day of the dive.

skin diver course

In this course you learn how to use a snorkel mask and fins and how to breathe correctly before taking a free dive .